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UPDATE: If you can't connect, first make sure you have the latest version of LackeyCCG. One way to do this is to look at the build date that appears at the top of your running LackeyCCG, and compare it to the "Last updated" date at

If you try to connect to the LackeyCCG Server and it is offline, the best thing to do is IM Lykos4 on AIM. I will usually be able to get it back up in a few seconds.

The server is online about 99% of the time. If the server goes offline while you are in a game, remember that once you reconnect to your game you can restore your game because Lackey automatically saves the game at the end of each turn and phase.
And remember that if you connect to a regular game (not a proxy game), losing your connection to the server won't affect the game you are playing. This is one reason it is preferable to avoid proxy games if it is possible.

Also, if you IM me on AIM to tell me the server is down, and I fix it, please don't say thank you or any other follow up message. Some times I have about 20 IM windows popped up telling me it's down, and after I fix it I will reply with something like "fixed" and then close the AIM window. It can be annoying to have windows keep popping up thereafter. It's a good thing to report the server problem, but there is no need to thank me when I fix it.

If you can't connect to the server, the first thing you should do is go to and confirm that you are running the latest version. Don't assume because you updated recently, that you necessarily have the latest version. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I post a new Lackey the day after I post a new Lackey, so just check the page first.

Server seems to be offline.


server offline

still offline at this time


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