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How to report people for banning...

Started by Trevor, December 02, 2010, 11:35:50 AM

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Had an issue with an ignore dodger today. Went by the name JimFromTheOffice. We played. After our match I started a new lobby. He joined it and wanted to play again. I declined and started a new lobby and ignored him. (I've had too many bad experiences with people who you don't want to play following you around, so I just preemptively ignore in those situations.)

He changed his name to Black and somehow joined my lobby. I knew it was him instantly. I told him that changing his name wasn't going to work and remade the lobby again. He changed his name to Azariel and started his own lobby. I asked in server chat how many times he had to change his name daily. This caused him to change his name AGAIN to ManyFaceGod and spam harassment at me via whispering about how I was a sore loser.

I was under the impression that changing your name to avoid ignores and harass people was bannable.