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Can skins be unique to the plugin?


Is there anyway to make the skin unique to the plugin?

Like If the plugin.txt downloaded the skin files into the image folder in the plugin dir will the plugin load the skin files in there? Like it dose with counter images (as in counter images in the plugin folder image dir over rights the counter images in the main image folder)



Looks like it can.. but the Skin.txt file, The ZoneBack ground (where your hand is) and the Player Area backgrnd need to be in the main image dirs and manually set (I think)

Also I still can not get the backgrnd file to work for the side area where the turns are...

I have a image in /skins but it dosn't seam to load?

Talk to me on Skype and I can walk you through it.

I would like to learn as well.

I think you need the help of photo editor.


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