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warhammer 40,000 tcg

Started by mariov, February 07, 2010, 07:44:32 AM

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hi guys, by any chance anyone working or has a plugin for warhammer 40,000 tcg.


Depends,old warhammer 40k plugin does exist somewhere and so does Horus Heresy i have them both so if you want those pm me and i'll upload them somewhere.


there is no plugin for the Warhammer 40k : Dark Millennium. I have the scans and i am working on a plugin myself but given how loaded with work i am atm it won't be finished anytime soon.


Here goes - Horus Heresy - i once stumbled upon it, and i'm basing my Dark Millenium (Coming Soon  [tm]) upon it.


Does anyone still have a plugin for the original warhammer 40k ccg? Or any scans/pics for that matter? me and a couple of friends would really like to get into the game again, we also keep  a bunch of actual cards but not of all fractions and through lackey, it would be far more convenient to find time to play. can you help me out?



Shepdop since you are only guest I can not PM you .. do you still have these plugins?



Sorry to make a bit of necromancy but i wished to know if someone had the plugin for both CCG for lackey ?

I have both of 40k/HH complete cards game collection irl but having nobody to play with for years, hoped their player vs cpu in those plugin.