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GreyOrange skin updated

Started by Chris, July 14, 2013, 08:44:47 AM

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I usually use my GreyOrange skin for Lackey, but with the new skinning possibilities for the buttons it didn't look so good anymore. That's why I've updated it with some new images. The result looks like this:

If you'd like to use this skin you can download the files here:

  • Skin file (Place in your Lackey directory in the folder skins)
  • Interface files (Unzip and place in your Lacey directory in the folder images/interface. To save the original interface files, first move the content of images/interface to a new subfolder.)
  • Font Tillium Regular (Save in your Lacey directory in the folder fonts.)
  • Background image and zone background image (Place in your Lacey directory in the folder images/backgrounds and images/zonebackgrounds respectively.



Just as awesome as the last GreyOrange you made!


The orange secton behind the players image and the phase changers is still blue on mine after i followed the instructions. how would i go about changing this? (Rather get the how to then play around with it, last i tried to manually skin zones i ended up with a rainbow that hurt my eyes xD)


Hi SeriosSkies,
Sorry for the slow reply. The color of the field behind the player stats is controled by the setting Box > Selected > Body, under the Skins tab in Preferences.
See the image below for the correct settings for the orange background color. This should be part of the skin file, so it's strange that it didn't get updated automatically.