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New LackeyCCG Version now the official version!

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I'm making the new version the official version today.

I will be closely monitoring it and what I imagine will be many bug reports. Over the next few days, perhaps even weeks, I will try to fix all of those issues. Please bear with me during this hopefully short time.

This new version is not compatible with the old version. At present, the windows LackeyCCG Updater.exe is not working. Alternative to the LackeyCCG Updater.exe, you can also update to the new version in the following way:

Download the latest version from and unzip it and put it where you want it. YOU CANNOT JUST TAKE THE EXECUTABLE AND PUT IT INTO YOUR OLD LACKEY FOLDER. To install your plugins (including your decks) into this new version, move your plugins folder from your old lackey folder and replace the plugins folder in this new version.

I'll be posting updates to this thread as new things come up, and update this first post with relevant info. I am making this post a sticky in the Beta Tester section of the forum ( Please post bugs as you find them, but before you do, I request that you take a quick look and see that the same bug wasn't already posted here already.

EDIT: 6/27/13
I am currently improving the pluginfinder interface to make it more intuitive. Until I'm done, you need to use the "Install or Update from URL!" button. To find an autoupdate URL, you can either check the plugins section of the forum, or a google search for it will also find it.

EDIT: 7/1/13
I fixed some of the bugs mentioned in this thread and the LackeyCCG Updater.exe is now working.

EDIT: 7/12/13
Posted a new version today with several of the preference related bugs fixed.

EDIT: 7/19/13
Posted a new version today with bugs that caused crashes. New scripting system implemented see:

EDIT: 7/27/13
Added skype integration. Fixed some bugs that people reported. Added /help and /tutorial command that open up tutorial information if the plugin maker supplies it.

EDIT: 9/15/13
Added scrollbars to several areas, including the section that displays seats.
Added the ability to hide full size images popping out on mouse over.
Players you ignore can no longer join games you make.
If the bindings preferences has the Canned messages section on the bottom left, previews of the canned messages are displayed.

EDIT: 9/20/13
I fixed some of the bugs people reported and cleaned up the interface, especially the deck editor.

EDIT: 9/24/13
I fixed some of the bugs and cleaned up some memory usage.

EDIT: 9/25/13
Fixed some crashes. When drawing an arrow from a card on the table, hold shift key and you will see a shadow of that card on the arrow.

EDIT: 10/02/13
I fixed a number of the bugs and lackey should now use less memory and hopefully be faster.
Some plugin makers requested that I make plugin names of plugins people are running only visible to people who have those plugins installed. So if you don't have a plugin that someone else has, you will see that person's plugin listed as "(uninstalled plugin)". This is to better help people develop private plugins and use the server.
EDIT: I fixed a bug regarding the "(uninstalled plugin)" change that affected windows users. If you DLed prior to 10/2 7AM EST, you need to re-download.

EDIT: 10/5/13
I fixed some bugs relating to multiple card backs and deck editor searching. Added a preference to have the deck editor search update on each keystroke or not, since some slower computers may prefer to have it off if they are using a very large plugin.

Change log (partially complete):
New skinning options:

Can you update the changelog? I want to know what is new.

Thanks for new version.

TRGC Impulsze:
Can you allow for much larger Counter numbers to show on the cards.... 20 isnt large enough.  Thanks.

My friend is having an issue connecting to the server. He downloaded the new client and when he hits connect to game matching server it says "There was an error retrieving list from the server. Attempting to use local list... Found a server, but the address may be out of date."

Johnny Blaze:
either im blind or something but im not seeing the plugin list in preferences, im not talking MY plugins im talki the old list of plugins we could mouse over and look for a game if we wanted to add it to our plugins, and im not seeing the buttons for medium , low, and high for plugin resolution..


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