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New version of Lackey soon to be official. Please test it!

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Please read this whole post.

As a continuation of the previous post about the new version (, this post is to let people know that I want to make this new version the official version (thus making everyone who uses the server needing to use this new version).

I think it's in a pretty good place right now and is at least as functional as the previous version. There's tons of new stuff which I won't list here. I am mainly concerned that it runs and is at least as functional as the current official version. To wit, I want people to test it and let me know.

Essentially, this is also a warning that if you don't tell me about an error in this version or a reason why I shouldn't make this version official yet, you may be out of luck when I make this version official and some problem comes up with it.

I am particularly interested in these areas:

Does it launch, and run without crashing?
If not, when does it crash? What error does it give you? What operating system are you running?

Is it functional?
Can you properly load a plugin, and perform the associated functions for that plugin, like drawing cards, building a deck, etc.?

Does it perform well?
Are things choppy? Does it freeze or hog the CPU?

Does the keyboard work adequately?
If you are using a non-QWERTY keyboard, things may not work perfectly. In that case, please let me know, and also please tell me if this new version works better, worse, as as well as the currently official version.

Does the networking stuff work?
Can you connect to someone directly without using the server? (Could you do this with the current official version?) Can you connect to the server, and connect to games on the server? Do games seem to play correctly on the server?

How to use this new version:
This version is NOT compatible with the previous version. Until I make this the official version, you will need to connect to the server by IP. To do this, in the server tab, view advanced settings and type in the IP and the port 25712. Then hit the "Connect to server from IP address" button. Also, until I make this version official, you cannot use the lackey updater program. To use this version, just download the linked file, and unzip the folder. You can drag your old plugins to the new folder's plugins folder, and then load the plugin. All your decks and cards images should carry over if you do this. You will need to test your name. Note that in the windows version, it will pop up a debug window. Also, it will log keystrokes you make while its running to 000Debug.txt. This will be removed when it's the official release and is just used to help test some non-QWERTY related keyboard related issues. Just minimize the debug window and ignore those unless I am debugging something with you and request more information.

If no one tells me of a reason to not make this the new official version, this will be the new official version of Lackey within the week.

Thank you for helping me test this version. There's a lot of new stuff in this version and I'm looking forward to it going live so plugin makers (and therefore players) can make use of all the new stuff.

UPDATES:Pay attention to the updates that I make here so a bunch of people don't keep reporting the same bugs I have since fixed.

4/24/13, Update: I fixed the bug with the quick search field. And the bug that would cause the game to crash on the mac. I haven't posted the fixes yet. As soon as I fix sound for the windows version, I will post the fix.

4/26/13, Update: I fixed the windows sound bug. I think I also fixed the bug that would cause crashes when you started lackey up with no plugin, or a different plugin. I think I also fixed the bug where the window would cut off certain things, like the menu. Someone reported a bug where the delete key (or backspace) would crash things when editing text, but I haven't been able to reproduce it and I wonder if it still persists in this version.

5/5/13, Update: Fixed the window size cropping bug, the deck editor filter not updating bug, and the port (and other numeric text input fields) bugs.

5/8/13, Update: Fixed the window size cropping bug (for real this time). Fixed a crash that would happen when resizing card images.

5/13/13, Update: Few minor bugs fixed.

5/21/13, Update: Few bugs fixed.

As of the 5/21/13 version, I believe all of the bugs mentioned have been fixed except for the issue with non-QWERTY keyboards. I am considering making this the new official version soon.

I still have keyboard errors like ones reported in the previous version...

See the errors in my last post...

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--- Quote from: Sydnelson on April 21, 2013, 07:22:05 pm ---I still have keyboard errors like ones reported in the previous version...

See the errors in my last post...

--- End quote ---
So these are problems that happen with the current official version as well?

I can't connect to the server via IP and the port 25711. Also, the sound functions seem not working. My operating system is Windows 7 64 bit version.


--- Quote from: mileshui02529 on April 21, 2013, 07:26:34 pm ---I can't connect to the server via IP and the port 25711. Also, the sound functions seem not working. My operating system is Windows 7 64 bit version.

--- End quote ---
It's 25712 for the test lackey.

What do you mean the sound functions aren't working? You mean nothing will cause sounds to play? Is your sound turned on, both within Lackey's preferences and on your computer? What specific sound do you expect to hear but don't? Are the associated sound files in your Lackey's sounds folder?


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