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What is commercially viable?

Started by 3XXXDDD, June 29, 2012, 10:25:21 AM

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(I'm not looking to get rick quick, just though this is a good topic).

What will sell no matter what? Why will it sell? What theme is the most appealing? What genre (Board, Card, Boxed or Expansion etc; ) is the most appealing and why so? What are our closest options to a get rich quick scheme? Will it sell a lot in a short period of time or enough over a long period of time? Will we be able to cash in the profit in a month or will we have to wait years?


I can't speak from expereience but here are my thoughts:

Check Origins Award winners to see what is most likeable.

An advice that was given me to in these forums: support your intelectual property with something.

If you want to cash quick, check out the most commercially successful indie games, and look for similarities.

One of the benefits of the card games is that if someone buys a pack, it is pack no matter when so we have an incoming stream.

Stuff that will sell no matter what are food, condoms and ammunition. Anything else is uncertain.


Forgot to add. Make it for all ages or PG-13 to maximize the crowd. That's why WWE is more succesful than ever past Attitude Era.