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Started by aardvark, January 13, 2010, 01:19:04 AM

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oh lol i was juss replying to Aardvarks question.. but i agre it would be more fitting of a community game to have universal Boundries.. so i believe my vote is gunna have to go towards the  universal standpoint.


Haha :D I was replying to aardvark too. Seems like we're posting at the same time XD.


Character Centric Wild West in Space?

Sounds pretty damn fun actually.

Seems like you could have a lot of fun playing intergalactic bounty hunters trying to make a buck in a harsh universe and they're willing to do whatever it takes to get the bounty, even if that's disposing of their competition.

The game would be played by accumulating money resources. If you go bankrupt you lose. You need to get enough cash to buy a place in Tahiti (40 Million Deep Space Credits), meanwhile you need to use those same credits to buy gear, allies, and tips.


I think we should stay away from anything "real" as in past wars or wars that are going on now. We can take those concepts and turn them into a Sci-Fi/Fan game. If we were to go with something that was real we would have to make sure it was spot on and we would almost deff offend people out there that thinks The South should have won.


Yeah, for character-centric science fiction, I just meant a world that was really about cool characters who happened to be in space, not some cool space ships that happened to have people in them. Think Star Wars, Firefly, Mass Effect, Enders Game.


Quote from: GnKoichi on January 18, 2010, 05:27:34 PM
Enders Game.

props. too bad it wouldn't translate to a card game at all... (not that that is what you were getting at)

i had a kind of cool idea that might fit your theme, even if i can't help out more due to "real life" obligations. what if it is based on a sort of scummy planet in the very center of the colonized universe? so it has a mix of everything in the game world, but without having to at all focus on travelling between planets or what not. its just sort of a giant gas station in the stars, that also happens to have lots of crime (if you want to go unique-character-centric) or lots of skirmishes and wars (if you want to go military-character-centric). just a thought.


how about an espionage game? it would need elements of bluffing, codebreaking, memory, stealth, and combat.

some sort of Space Spies?


Space Spies sounds interesting, but I'm unsure how you make it two player.

Gas Station sounds like a good aesthetic and supports many different games (bounty hunters, crime, wars, espionage).

legend zero

Any sort of wide-open world idea is best. Take Hackers, we have a human and digital world, but thanks to the different creations in the digital world we have Wizard cards and magical themes to some sub-sets. If you have a simple concept of story then any card can fit the game so long as it fits the rules.

In the average market VS system comes to mind. That's sort of the randomest TCG our there right now.


Fight Klub from Decipher seems pretty random too. Rambo versus Hannibal Lecter? Yeah.

legend zero

Quote from: Zao on January 19, 2010, 12:26:22 PM
Fight Klub from Decipher seems pretty random too. Rambo versus Hannibal Lecter? Yeah.

Thats what i mean, if you can describe the game world in one sentence, you're golden to do pretty much anything with it.


I think there are two risks with that approach

1) It's not true. "It's a fantasy-genre multiverse where magic is divided into five colors" is a single sentence that describes magic, but there's a lot of limitations implied in it.

2) It's risky to say "Our design is we can do whatever we want". It is good to have options, and to not burn any bridges in the early stages. But to try to move forward without any kind of direction can be very dangerous. There's too much potential for people to have different ideas about what the world should be that don't match up.

Think about Heroscape. It's a great game for putting in ANYTHING you want. But it is that way because of the great fiction they set up with the god-like generals who summon people from other dimensions. This gives every character a context, and helps to define where to draw from creatively.

legend zero

Obviously you can descirbe ANY game in a sentence, it was just a general idea for the overall goal being open ended. Sorry if I was a bit too broad in my descriptionof the intended "broadness" of the game.


IMHO, vastly open games suffer for it in terms of flavor.


So, when do we start this?

And how many people are willing to participate in this project? Personally, no matter's what the theme chosen, I'm in.