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Started by aardvark, January 13, 2010, 01:19:04 AM

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I believe Cyrus mentioned this (and if I'm wrong, forgiveness please, it's crunch time and I'm posting in a rush)

A game by the community. I'd like to see this come out of the corner. Is anyone interested in such a venture?


I would. I use to love to make fan cards for VS well as far as the mechanics went. I would be willing to help out in that aspect.


I would help playtest such a thing (one of my exercises in CCG design is trying to pick up alpha sets and figure out ways to 'break' them). I have no interest in developing another CCG at this point, but it might be interesting to present some options for ideas.

The MSE community did this and ended up making a card game about making card games. I would like to suggest one of the themes suggested during their thread on this.

Dragon. The game would feature dragon characters fighting for survival and power in a brutal & savage world.


ill be more than willing to help ... heh (^_^)


I would be down for this. I tried to organize something like this a few months back on the old boards, and we were pretty successful. The biggest thing I have to warn to everyone involved is not to let your ego get in the way. Someone has to be the decision maker, even if that "someone" is a majority vote. This means not all of your ideas will get into the game. In the last project, people started losing interest as they saw some of their ideas falling away, or they simply went off on their own and didn't consult with the group before adding things. Consensus and collaboration or the most important things. If you aren't interested in those aspects of the project, you're better off working on something by yourself.


well i have a writing partner so i'm use to it and it will be fine by me.

i know you can't tell i write with the why i do things on here. HA.


I would love this to happen. I will help however I can.
I can do rule design and art, but not playtesting. (I can just make the dang things, not play them.)

I understand not wanting everybody to go off and do their own rules and everything, but private cards are different. As long as they are subsequently balanced, and fit the canon, I don't see why that is a bad thing.

I would also like assurance that all parts of the game remain with the game no matter who quits.


Okays, so I haven't seen anything further on bringing the "old" project out and dusting it off so how about a new one?

If we go through with this I would like to keep it simple; as simple as possible really. I've been involved in projects where the lead had epic tattooed across his forehead and, sadly enough withered away little by little.  The project was fun while it lasted but with all of the things that go into designing something epic...

So the name of the game is simple.

My first question I suppose, to those interested would be, what sort of theme would you like to see? I think I'll go make a poll after we list some options. At least 3 or 4 to pick from would be nice.

The obvious choices would be: 1) Fantasy and 2)Sci-Fi.

While I like fantasy a great deal imo I think that a fantasy theme might turn towards mtg when mechanics come in. *shrug*

Also, as far as everyone being able to work on it, perhaps 1 or 2 people (depending on how many wish to contribute) to work on a piece after we decide what that piece would be. ie We vote on theme, on mechanics, etc and then one (or two) person(s) develop the theme further, one develops mechanics, so on so forth.



how about history.. or war...  i had an idea for that genre game and a few Beta cards for it but was far to shy to reveal it.


I would vote Sci-Fi with a character emphasis (in other words, shying away from space combat and inter-planetary travel). Just my opinion.

I also like the idea of having project disciplines for different contributors. Off the top of my head, you need two people to work on rules/mechanic design, one creative designer, one person to make the card templates, and one person to act as a producer (make sure everyone is communicating, etc). There can be some overlap here. After a certain point, most people could transition to actually just making cards.

Also Sneasel, if I'm remembering your role in the last project correctly, my comment about people going ahead without the group wasn't referring to you. I think you were probably the best member of that project, and I was very sad when it fell apart.


Did you have a particular war in mind (like WW1, WW2, WW3)?
Side note: What would it take for you to post it up?

Could you spell out character emphasis for me? I have an idea of what you mean, but that's my head.
Would it be like putting out characters and building them up with skill cards or something?

@everyone else:
Any other suggestions? Anyone wanna see a conspiracy theme or civ-type game, etc etc?


Community CCG, yay  :D

We could also create an absolutely weird universe, using Random Generators like the Seventh Sanctum website. It can give great and hilarious ideas sometimes. I'd love to play a card named "Cloister of Lanterns" or "Corrupt Angel's Bastard Sword of Sliperiness Deflection".

And for the theme, I don't mind, as long as it offers many possibilities (I'd like to avoid a too restricted theme)


Wow, Zao, thanks! I just checked out the site. I think I had something like this bookmarked before but don't know what happened to it.

As for over the top. Well, we wouldn't wanna take ourselves too seriously now would we? :P
I've already "created" the following overpowered fantasy characters:
Aeon Shadowguard (LOL, made me think of FF and the heros' names)
Sunset Rubylady (a ravishing mystery lady, who lets no one in)
Sinner Graveyard (My favorite, a dark hero with a past, ala punisher)


So, I take it your submitted theme is comedy? :)


well... my main idea was to base like 2 set blocks at wars. like 2 set for ww1.. 2 set for ww2.. 2 sets for war of 1812... American Rev... Invasion of Conquistadors and what not.. but it was juss an idea.. and today i was looking a it .. and i decided on making new card templates for them but i will keep image images but edit templates. i should upload it juss to show.. but ill see what i can do... but remember juss an idea no .pushyness... and u know what else would be kool future made up wars. i originally called the game Timecraft.. but idk


It's always easier if it's taken lightly. But I really don't mind if we stick to a serious theme. Hey, it's okay as long as we have fun doing this - and have fun playing it after, right?

And when I'm talking about a theme which offers lots of possibilities, I mean something that allows everyone to add its ideas easily. For example, a CCG based on a single duel between two cowboys in a saloon wouldn't give many possibilities. After a hundred different guns cards, and a few events like "Hide behind the bartender" and "cut his throat with an ace of spades", there wouldn't be much more to do. And cowboy haters wouldn't want to participate in such a thing.
On the other hand, a wide sci-fi universe could contain a planet where people live like in far-west, and some "cowboy"-like cards could be added to the game. And space ninjas too. And intergalactic rhinoceroses riders.

Please take note that I don't necessarily want to make a CCG about cowboys who ride rhinoceroses. These are only examples. ::)

It would be nevertheless awesome :