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Started by yudencow, June 28, 2012, 03:36:14 AM

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I want to make an RPG video game around my Card Game using Unity. Do you think it should be 2D or 3D?


Being a fan of 2D, the answer is obvious for me.

Besides, there's no need for 3D imo, lots of CCG games in 2D are just as good as 3D counterparts. It's just cosmetic really, just do what you feel like.


I really enjoyed this flash games. I want the units you summon to appear on the field as themselves and not as cards because there are parts were your heroes do other stuff than combat like dialogue.


Well then if you want that, than here are some pros and cons:

(+) Will look amazing
(?) IF you're really good at modelling, animating, and really, it's just gonna be tons of work considering there's gonna be lots of cards you need to make models for.

(+) Can still look amazing if done right
(?) Easier & quicker than 3D


Nick, your ponts are excellent in this is exactly my debacle: There has to be a way to deliver a lot of assets in a short amount of time. In that note, 2D wins.

Next question:

Cel shading, yes or no?


As in cel shaded 3D? I thought you were doing 2D

Cel shading is a unique look, but as for yes or no it comes down to taste. People could tell you what is good and what is not, but this is what THEY think is good and not. Do YOU like cel shading?

Me personally, I don't like cel shading, at least not the ones I've seen so far.