Death Angel - The Card Game - LackeyCCG Plugin (Updated - 25-07-12)

Started by Jynks, May 18, 2012, 10:32:40 AM

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Update 1.2 (Hot Fix)

FIXED: Added missing Tyrinid Locations (Tell your Sister... you where right!!!)

Update 1.1

FIXED: Brother Adron (Correct Facing Images)
ADDED: Cool Welcome Message!

I'll probably update this if more PODs come out or if Tervor improves the pack system (to make game set up easier)

Please let me know if there are any mistakes.

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Hi guys....

Been a big fan of this game for years and got kidna sick of nvr getting to play it co-op. So thought I would make a lackeyCCG plugin for it, as I have had great fun with the LoTRlcg plugin I made meeting people and making friends gamer friends all aver the world.

This pluging is kinda in beta stage, so it might change but it is sorta near finished. I haven't made it public yet as I still haven't heard back form FFG about it. So I thought I would post this video and get some initial fed back and maybe get people interested in playing it online with me.

Here you can see a setup for a random game and some key features looked at

Death Angel - The Card Game - LackeyCCG Plugin (Beta) @ YouTube

Anyway, if you are interested in playing with me send me a PM or reply to this thread or something.



It is pretty much done as shown in the video and in the plugin finder... though I have yet to make the lower rez versions of the cards and (I'll prob do that now as I am updating LoTR) also. Trevor is going ot work on expanding teh functionality of the Pack System to help with game like this to automate much of the setup.. this will allow me to work on some more compelx games like board games ... Still this will not be out for a while as he is vey busy.. remember the best way to speed him up is to send him donations :)

But yeah teh max and High versions are on teh plugin finder already./


'gotta check the rules of death angel then  :D
again, thank you very much guys. I really hope that you'll earn money for your efforts as this is a professional job, not everyone can create the plugins or the program to run it. so we're pretty lucky to have you.


Trevor is the guy to thank (there is a PayPal button btw) I just scan stuff in from my collection.


a fast paced, really brutal but fun game. tried two solo games and already loved it.
just a question, the "brother adron" card, when you flip it, it shows brother kaphael. it's not supposed to be like this right?

Raistlin Majere

No but his attack doesn't require facing so it isn't a big deal imo

Raistlin Majere

Quote from: Raistlin Majere on June 10, 2012, 02:51:47 AM
No but his attack doesn't require facing so it isn't a big deal imo
Of course I meant for his special choice on his attack.  Have you noticed if the Event draw pulls from the bottom of the deck.  I have had it do so for me at least 3 times negating my Forward Scouting.

I have spent most of this week on Lackey trying to get a game going for this and other plugins but is seems peeps only play magic.  So I have no idea when I will ever be able to play multiplayer...but interested in Call of Cthulhu and MagiNation as well.  Send me a PM if you all are interested sometime.


I just keep or remove the event card if I use forward scouting. Also my tokens are too small to see. I think I saw a post addressing this issue before but i can't seem to find it. so anyone knows how to make tokens images bigger?
I'd like to try a 2-3 player game, lets try to gather all death angel players in this post. We may even be able to play with tragic!
Btw, have you seen this
I couldn't check the expansion but it may be fun and a new solo challenge.


Um... I'll fix that card asap.. sorry....

Also.. yes I have seen the custom cards but havn't had a chance to play them.. there is a cool NECRON mission I would like to play. I will egt around to adding these to the game.. but Trevor is working on a new pack system and this will make it a billion times easier to make games like this .. so I think I might wait for this update even though it may take a while.

You can go to PREFERENCES and change the icon size of the Tokens... unfortunately this can not be set by the plugin itself.. so you need to manually do it.. just up it (default is 20%) to somthign larger and the icon will be larger.

I'll look into the card getting drawn form the wrong end of the deck..

Expect an update to this game soonish... maybe in a week or 2.

Thanks for doing some testing for me.


Raistlin Majere

Don't mind the testing the game is fun.  Thanks for making it available and being on top of it.


I am very interested in testing this game.

EDIT: I have been having a go at playing the plugin on my own, nice job, and notice that some cards are missing - the tyranid Deathleaper for example and a few others comes out as Trygon. Is it that the images are not included yet, or a problem with the card data files or something like that?



The entire game is in there, there are no more cards or anything else. And you can play the game as it is... Trevor has plans to improve the pack system that will make the game set up much easier (as in you just open a single pack) but until that is implemented there is not hing I can do really.. also there is plans for a visual dice and custom dice ... again, this will not happen until trevor has had time to work on these new features.

But the game is completely playable and every card that is out is there.