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Mirror Dimensions

Started by yudencow, May 13, 2012, 04:03:33 PM

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This concept is taken mainly for comics. Both DC and Marvel have the concept of "Multiverse". In this context, the main continuity is parallel to countless others. Well the main continuity I created is very Sci-fi and I wanted to create 3 more: game of thrones-esque, pro-wrestling and new-york as marvel see it filled with superheroes and unnatural things.

I want that alll cards from the main coninuity be in the other 3, but I don't want to redo cards. It is merely fluff for a possible tie-in tabletop RPG, and some more lore.

Should I go with it?
Hopw can I sell it to my players?


Not a plug or anything, I'm just too lazy to type it up again: I mused about a time travel CCG a while back that I thought could incorporate the same "alternate versions" view of things. You might find it useful:

I'd personally integrate all versions into one card if that's your main theme. If not, then seperate cards.