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[Libra LCG] LCG Distribution Model: My Variation

Started by 3XXXDDD, March 26, 2012, 01:04:04 PM

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While this is sure to change in the years to come of the game, if published and successfully, I thought I should share my idea for any advice I could get on them.

Starter Set
A starter would contain 60 cards, 20 of them being individual which would create two full decks. There wouldn't be anything overly theme-specific in the deck and the stronger cards are to be sought elsewhere. These would be the first releases of the year.

Theme "Booster" Packs
A small affordable pack on pocket money, would contain about 15 cards, generally with no copies of any 1 card. It would be very theme-specific. About 2 of these would be released monthly or so. Shouldn't cost much more than a M:TG booster pack. 2 of these should be able to make a semi-competitive deck.

Variety Reprint Set
More of a collectors item than anything, This would be sold at the end of the year/format and would contain 1 of every card that was created during the past year.

Prize Packs
This pack is to be given as a tournament participation prize as well as sold. It is released roughly half-way through an established format with 1 of each of the 10 most popular cards of that format.

Note* At the current moment my deck min is 30 but might be raised to 40, so that might apply to some of the factors above (such as the Starter containing 80 cards, rather than 60 and Boosters containing 20 instead of 15 cards)