Author Topic: Transmutation - Alchemy: Homunculus Combat Card Game!  (Read 1320 times)


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Transmutation - Alchemy: Homunculus Combat Card Game!
« on: January 10, 2013, 08:39:19 PM »
While I wait on some art and related items for Macro, I present to you

Transmutation Card Game

Each Player starts with a Material Deck of 25 Material cards and a Transmutation Deck of 25 Homunculus and support cards.

At the start of the game each player draws 5 cards from their Material Deck and may draw 2 additional cards from their Material deck during each of their respective end phases.

Players play a Homunculus from their Transmutation deck by overlaying it on a number of Material Cards (from their hand) equal to the total cost, with a number of them sharing the same color as the Color Cost.

Players may only control 1 Homunculus at any time.

When a Player plays a Homunculus, they select a number of Material cards equal to that's Homunclus' Hit Points and flip them face down.

During a Battle, You compare the attacking Homunculus Strength with the Strength of thedefending Homunculus. If the Attacker's Strength is equal to or higher than the defender's Strength (after the effects of any and all support are resolved) the attack hits.

When a Homunculus is hit, the defending Player removes 1 face-down Material from that Homunculus (A Homunculus is destroyed when there are no face-down materials under it).

When a Homunculus is destroyed, the owner of that Homunculus discards a number of cards from their deck equal to it's Penalty. (The Homunculus and all it's Materials are also sent to the discard pile)

A Player loses when they no longer have any cards in their Material Deck.

Turn Order
A Homunculus may be played if there isn't already one on the Turn Player's field
Battle Phase. Support Cards may be played.
The Turn Player may draw 2 cards

Support Cards are played by discarding a number of Material Cards from a Player's hand equal to the Support Cards cost (a number of them matching it's color). Support Cards may be activated any time unless otherwise stated.

Material Burn Is the name given to the cost of certain abilities some Homunculus may have. To pay for the ability, the player must pay the Material Burn cost by discarding a number of face-up underlayed materials that are equal to it's cost (a number of them matching it's colors). Not all abilities need Material Burn but some will still require the Homunculus to have a number of face-up materials present underneath it.