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Is there a way to get the names of users w/plugins currently connected to the lackey server without logging in?


Are the names and plugins being stored in a db of some sort once they login?  I would assume so.  If you're interested, I could try to write a webapp that would allow communities to see if users are online, and with which plugin.

I don't think that would be ideal. I think there are plugins that can be hard to find games for. I think a possible solution would be some sort of network people could subscribe to and communicate.

For example, if you played star wars, everyone who wanted in could subscribe to something like twitter. One person could tweet something like "Looking for a game of star wars" and everyone who was on the list would be instantly sent the broadcast on a variety of devices.

Ideally, there would be enough people that played all the plugins so people could find a game whenever they wanted, but less popular plugins can't seem to do that now.

I'm not sure a web app broadcasting the current player list would help. I mean, there isn't much difference between that and staying logged in with lackey.

I think it would be cool if existing networks could be used. Maybe a Facebook group, or twitter, or something else. I'm open to ideas.

A twitter feed would be great.  I am one of the players of the less popular games (Shadowfist) and I'm really trying to come up with ways to get people more involved.   

I still like the idea of having a webapp that would pull and show all active online users.  I know if I saw someone logged in with the shadowfist plugin, I would immediately log on. This is the same mindset behind a lot of the new video games.  you see your friends are logged in, so you jump on as  well.  If I could figure out a way to pull online users, I could also make an auto tweet feature that tweeted the number of players online filtered by plugin. 

Right now, I'm trying to think of a way to hack something together that just pulls the info from the plugin window.  This, of course, is pretty half ass and will require me to keep a client running at all times to get the necessary info.


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