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Tabletop RPG Idea

Started by yudencow, February 15, 2012, 05:16:05 PM

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After I saw the marvel unvierse RPG, I got some ideas rolling for an RPG.

Character Creation:

The players as a team decide to whether be good or evil. Each player picks one of the predefined characters of that morality. Each player equips its character with 3 tactics and 3 weapons of its choice compatible with the chosen character.

As a team they pick one of the predefined teams to be theirs.

Leveling Up:

Each time the players levels up, it gains 2 new perks, one combat perk and one adventure perk. Some perks need you to have someperks of a certain type alreasy trained.

Once the palyer reach level 10. They choose one of the linear progression of 10 parks routes called "paths". You gain new path perk every turn on top of the combat and adventure perks.

The team itself has a predefoined linear progression.

Top level is 20.


The adventure is divided into 3 parts unbeknownst to the players when one begins and when one ends, but the GM does know. The length of the adventure is adjusted by the number of these cycles.


The players gather some data and/or items in their way preparing  as much as possible for the mission ahead.


The players battle thier way through hazardous terrain and waves of monsters.


The players are faced with a decision each one has to make alone which have an effect of their character and possibly on the rest of the adventure for the team collectively.

Combat and skillchecks are still under deliberation.

So what do you think of this system?
Is there anything I forgot to add or mention?


Very personally, I never believed that the terms "Good" and "Evil" were the right ones; this is mainly for philosophical and morale reasons, but still, perhaps these should be replaced with factions, or simply change the words to something else? I think that just "Good" and "Evil" limit the possibilities of a character and its development. The paths and aftermath ideas further make me think that "Good" and "Evil" may not be the best way to categorize or describe the characters. What if the characters later decide to start acting differently in the middle of the adventure?

The rest seems good to me. :) It's simple enough, so it should be easy and quick to grasp for new players, especially those who aren't very familiar with tabletop RPGs. I like the cycles concept, as well as having a level cap, so to avoid a character getting way too powerful in comparison to the others. ;)

*Thumbs up!*  :D


Easiest way to do combat and skill checks
Applicable Stat + Applicable Skill + Die Roll vs DANGER

...DANGER of course being whatever number you've assigned as the one to beat to overcome whatever task. Combat is basically a skill check as well, and it'd probably look like DEX + SINGLE-HANDED (or whatever combat skill) + D20 vs Armor Class. Damage based on weapon plus some bonus for higher strength?

I've honestly not played a lot of tabletop rpgs so maybe this is obvious, but its the only system I've ever really learned.
For more inspiration check out this old ass website:

Generic Fuzion is the main deal and Instant Fuzion is basically what I just described, really, really boiled down.

Also this

Lookin' at all of this kinda makes me want to make a game ::)