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New Board Game

Started by r0cknes, December 15, 2011, 01:47:11 PM

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I am currently designing a euro style board game. It is not complex at all. As a matter of fact, I mean it to be very simple, but competitive. I want it to be the type of game that a family with elementary children could play together, but the parents would still enjoy it. I am posting this to get constructive criticism on the rules of the game. The rules are a work in progress. I am currently aware of some flaws in the rules that could be fixed, and I will add my ideas as I go through. A plugin has been made by me but I will not release until the rules are a bit more clear. When the plugin is released realize that the cards and board are lacking design severely, but they serve their purpose for now.

Here is the theme and overall view of the game.

Political Panic (Working Title) is a game allowing 2 to 5 players to run for president of the United States! Each player starts with 20 electoral votes to begin each game and will try to take votes to control the most by the time the game ends.

Set Up

1. Each player selects a color and takes the all of the tokens of that color. Placing one of them on the score tracker on the 20 mark.

2. Each player draws 5 cards from the well shuffled voting card pile.

3. 4 Voting cards are reveal next to the voting card pile.

4. The First player is determined by any means necessary.



Each player during this phase of his turn may perform one of the following actions.

1.1 Choose two voting cards.

The player has a chance to select one of the four revealed voting cards. Once he selects one, another replaces it from the top of the voting pile. The player can then chose another voting card from the revealed voting cards.

1.2 Draw a Strategy Card

The player may chose to draw a random strategy card from the top of the strategy card pile. These cards have various effects. The effects are written on the cards themselves. An example might be a card that allows you to take a random card from another player, or take a voting card from the discard pile. Strategy card actions are not bound by turns. A player may play an action card at any point in the game, even if it is not his turn. After a strategy card is used it is placed in a strategy discard pile. (There are 25 Strategy Cards; 15 Unique)

1.3 Control a state.

Each state has a written value of electoral votes from 1 to 5. That is also the same number of voting cards required to control a state. Before the game starts each player has 10 states that he controls for a total of 20 electoral votes. The District of Columbia is not controlled. If a player chooses to control a state with a value of 3, that player must play 3 voting cards of the correct color to control the state. Once a state is controlled the player places one of his own tokens on the state and increases his score by the value of the state. Where applicable he may also need to decrease the score of the player who previously controlled the state. Once a token is placed on a state, the color of the state changes to that tokens color. Therefore the voting cards required to control that state must now be the same color of the token placed on that state. If a player controls 0 states, then the player who took his last also takes all of that players cards from his hand.

1.4 Discard and Replace (I am not sure about this one yet.)

The player may chose to discard a number of cards in his hand and replace them with an equal number of random cards from the voting pile.


A player may not have more than 10 cards in his hand at the end of his turn. (not sure if that is too many yet.) If he has more than that he must discard down to 10 cards in his hand.

3. END

At this phase the player checks to see if there is a winner of the game. There may be a couple of game options that may be able to be used.

1st A player reaches 51 votes
2nd After the voting card pile is emptied the winner is the player with the most votes. (There are 125 Voting cards. 25 of each color.)

You you have any thought about the rules let me know. I may not use it, but I would at least like to get different points of view. Thanks in advance.


Here is an example of the map.

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