How about a LackeyCCG APP to log into the server Log?

Started by Joserra44, January 22, 2012, 03:55:07 AM

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Hi all!,

I have been using Lackey a while and I registered here to give an idea just as user, as I'm not a programmer.

When I connect to Lackey to play Vtes, I sometimes find there is not enough people to start a game or all are already busy. I can imagine if I could connect to the server log with my smartphone, while I'm comming back home from work, to tell the people I'll be ready to play in 30 or 40 minutes, this problem would not happend so often.

I do not intend to play card games on the mobile phone, but at least to be able to connect to the server and see who is online with defined plugins and be able to communicate with them.

Would anybody know how to implement this and if it is hard?

Thanks for creating LackeyCCG, it is great!


I think its use would be so narrow as to not warrant the large amount of work required to implement (and manage) it.