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An Open-source, Generic card game system

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I had a crazy idea today, after realizing that many CCG's (and card games in general), tend to revolve around Physical Conflict. I suddenly began thinking about rules to a Giallo (Film genre consisting of Italian Thrillers from the 1970's) themed card game, focusing on mechanics that included Mental and Social Conflicts as well as Physical. Then, I began brainstorming...

What if there was a system of generic, themeless rules that players and amateur game designers could use to create "cinematic" (possibly customizable/collectible) card games. Essentially, the rules would act as a backbone, and would come in varying degrees of complexity, so that the specific game's creator can fill in the thematic details. It is meant to fit most themes; from Drama to Comedy; from Romance to Horror; from Sci-fi to Fantasy; from Action to Adventure; and beyond.

Note, I am not talking about Dvorak or 1000 Blank White Cards. This is more complex and involves serious involvement in creating the flesh of the game. This system will give the creator many options to choose from for each mechanic, yet he/she is not limited to those set in the system's "Guidelines" (That sounds like a better word than rules). This will also be open to the public, so anyone can make a game once they've downloaded the rules.

Just to be clear, I don't have that much yet, I just wanted to know if you guys liked the idea of a Generic/themeless card game rule system.

You might want to look into the Creative Commons license for your game.

Thanks, I'll definitely check that out!

Do you want it to be like UFS or the VS system or on a more vast scale?

You can do that there is a scene deck, where every player has to fufill its requirements to move to the next scene. And to have another deck of plot devices like characters, items, locations, twists, dialogues and on and on. First play to get through his/hers scene deck wins.

To be frank I see card games in 3 catagories: combat, challenges and questing. Combat-attacking, Chalanges-opposing an enemy of a challange of any kind and questing-completion of missions.

I like your ideas, but I think I'm heading in a slightly different direction.

I want this system to be as generic as possible, but leave many options for cinematic conflict. I know that it won't be able to support certain adaptations of stories such as "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway. Yet I want it to support a game adaptation of, let's say, "A Few Good Men" (if you don't know what I'm talking about, "you can't handle the truth!" *hint*) as well as something like "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre". If you look at those two films, you can see that the Characters are fighting for extremely distinct goals (A Few Good Men - Acquit/Convict the two Marines, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Survive from the Cannibal Family/Kill the Teenagers).

So, I don't want to set an objective to win the game. I would rather the individual game creator to come up with a creative objective.

Now, I know I'm probably going to upset some people with the following: I plan to have this rules system function like a hybrid between a Card Game, a Board Game, and a Tabletop Roleplaying Game. However, I know there are people who will think that would be too complex, so I will make sure I create a simplified system which will make it easier to create less "convoluted" games.

I know this sounds like I'm just posting a bunch of random ideas, but I am currently writing down the ruleset this moment, and I hope you all will like it.



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