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the answer is yes at it tries to mimic playing in real life.

It looks like perhaps an older version of the plugin finder is shown. I have no idea how to use the new plugin finder.

Hi all,

I am having a few issues with this software and as a new user wanted to familiarize myself with the user forum anyhow so here it goes.

I am using this software for Pokemon at the moment and have uploaded a custom playmat for the background. The cards seem to shrink when moving from my lower zone to the table. Is this normal?

When I play online will the play mat take up the table for my opponent, in other words, should I use a dual sided mat?

How do I host a private game for just myself and a friend of mine?

I noticed that there is a Skype option in preferences, I would like to know how Skype may be integrated into the game.

Thanks a bundle!



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