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I updated the LackeyCCG tutorial.
I'll continue to improve it, and I plan on redoing the video tutorials since they are a bit out of date now.

Let me know if you see any mistakes, or have any questions, or suggestions.

I haven't made yet, so I am aware that the "FAQ, Troubleshooting, & Tips" mentioned in the table of contents is a broken link.

The tutorial is at:

The tutorial doesn't say anything about how to use the test dummy.  Or did I not read it correctly.  It explains hoe to get cards, make decks, start and play on servers, but not how to use Dummy.

In fact, it doesn't explain how to play at all!


--- Quote from: Knotwerk on March 25, 2012, 11:42:29 pm ---In fact, it doesn't explain how to play at all!

--- End quote ---
How to play depends on the game. How to use the interface should be explained on that page. If you have a question it doesn't answer, ask it.

Regarding the test dummy, you can load a recent deck to it by right-clicking the test dummy avatar on the left of the screen. To play as the test dummy while in a solitaire game, left click on its avatar.

So it's all manual play?  If one player attacks the opponant has to controll his own life counter and stuff?


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