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Ipad mini 1

Started by weskingofscots, November 02, 2023, 12:48:49 PM

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Will i be able to download this on ipad mini 1? Also, i have a arkham horror lcg folder plugin that i customized on my windows pc. Any way to move that to ipad when i download lackey? I might just get an older Chromebook and run wine on linux if possible. Are there anything I need to know like what is too old or specs to run wine on an old Chromebook?


As far as I'm aware the ipad version no longer works and unfortunately it'll still be quite some time more before it might get an update. I don't know if anyone in the community has figured out a way to make it work otherwise.

I don't have a chromebook but I'm able to run Lackey reasonably well on my older Toshiba laptop. It's got some pretty dated hardware in it.


Yeah, for example it runs just fine on my decade-plus old Macbook. I think it's hard to find a reasonably useable computer that won't handle Lackey, specs-wise.