There is a script that can turn a card face-up?

Started by Fzero, October 15, 2022, 05:44:17 PM

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Well, i'm messing around with card scripts, and i want to make a card that has some effect when it's flipped face-up(For example, it flips face-up and gains counter, or flips face-up and summon cards). But i cant find a command that flip them face-up, only face-down(/cf).
I know it can be done manually, but would be a lot easier if it could be done with one single cardfunction.

Also, btw, i had to do a lot a diggin to find the /cf command. Maybe someone should update and revise the command list.


Well, i find a way to do that. It's kinda gimmicky, but works.

I put a cardfunction as TURNOVER.
Then, i put the script in the card as "<s><a>y</a><l>Ativar</l><f>/cf;/c1;/ccg=1</f></s>"

That way, each time the card enters the field, it gains 1 counter. But if it is face-down, and we activate it, it flips face-up and gain 1 counter.