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Magic The Gathering Addons 2022

Started by BLOODWOLF, June 04, 2022, 01:42:11 AM

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Small addon pack that adds some new counters, booster boxes (including images for the boxes and booster-packs up to 4th edition so far), and images for the playmat.
***This does not mess with any of the NewDawn cardimage definitions

  • New +1 Toughness counter - Replaces counterindigo in LackeyCCG root folder/images/interface (has to be pasted over manually)
  • New +1 Power counter - Replaces counterorange in LackeyCCG root folder/images/interface (has to be pasted over manually)
  • A long rectangular zone background - manually paste into LackeyCCG root folder/images/zonebackgrounds and select in-game under preferences/appearance
  • A playmat image - manually paste into LackeyCCG root foler/images/backgrounds and select in-game under preferences/appearance
  • new formats.txt - adds formats for Alpha through Ixalan separate from the current formats
new pluginingo.txt - move the sideboard tab between the library and graveyard to make it harder to accidently discard into your library (I do this)
  • new pluginingo.txt - Replaced the roll button with a Roll D20 button since that is mainly what we use
  • new pluginingo.txt - Allows for placing counters of all five colors of mana on cards with the right-click menu like for use with mana storage cards or whatever the player chooses
  • new pluginingo.txt - Adds Attack +1/-1 Defense +1/-1 buttons to the button-bar that will place the +1 power/toughness counters on your cards
  • packs/ folder - Includes images for booster-packs, booster-boxes, and starter-decks(which are only being used for the landpacks right now)
  • new packdefinitions3.xml - adds booster-pack images from (I don't think this violates copyright?) to boosters from Alpha to 4th Edition
  • new packdefinitions3.xml - Changed the Antiquities and Arabian Nights booster packs to 2U & 6C and added the 1 basic land to the 7th Edition booster-pack.
  • new packdefinitions3.xml - Changed the Portal booster-packs to 1R, 3U, 9C, and 2 basic-land (going off the MTG Wiki)
  • new packdefinitions4.xml - Added 100 basic land packs for Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, and 4th Edition with preview images
  • adds a packdefinitions5.xml - Adds booster-boxes with preview images to the game containing 36-packs of 15-card boosters for Alpha-4Ed (Antiquities and Arabian Nights are 60-packs of 8-cards)
  • images/ folder - new phase1-8 images that I pieced together in Gimp

06/04/2022: Put the sideboard back to its original position after the graveyard because Discard Random X from your hand will throw your cards into the sideboard instead of graveyard.
Size: 756KB