Author Topic: About the Programming Help Forum: Read this first!  (Read 10522 times)


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About the Programming Help Forum: Read this first!
« on: April 14, 2011, 05:39:26 am »
Several people have messaged me, told me they were fans of Lackey as well as programmers, and offered to help with the programming aspect of Lackey. (I'm not talking about making plugins, but Lackey itself.)

I don't release the source code for Lackey for a couple of reasons. One reason is I would like to maintain control over it, and another reason is releasing the source code would make it a lot easier for the game to be hacked and for people to cheat.

But I would love to get some help, particularly when I'm trying to do something about which I am not an expert. That's the purpose of this forum. If I have a question about how to do something, or a request for a snippet of code, I will make a post about it in this forum.

If you are a programmer and willing to help, please click the Notify button at the bottom of the forum (at and every time I add a new post to this forum, you will get an email letting you know I need help. Or you can just check out the forum whenever you have the time.

A little about LackeyCCG:
It is written in C++. I mostly use Xcode while I develop, but I compile the windows version in MS Visual Studio. I use SDL libraries for a number of things including sound and images. I use RakNet for networking. I use OpenGL for graphics. Whenever possible, I will use system independent libraries.