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MSE & Lackey DMTG Project

Started by semiideath, August 30, 2020, 09:58:43 AM

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Hello. I'm extremely new and hopelessly clueless about how to use servers like DropBox. What I've done so far. For the past 8 years I've been creating my very own "magic" cards on Magic Set Editor for private use. What I've done is basically modified a few Sets of Magic the Gathering by adding "drinking" rules on the cards. Does anything like this already exist? Can someone direct me to it? If not, I have about two thousand cards I've partially designed with art/design and rules I cannot take credit for and because it's for private use I would not release these sets. However, I would like to have at least a vague idea of how to take the Images I've exported from Magic Set Editor, upload them to a server so I can play test these sets. A major difference between MTG and Drunken Magic the Gathering is that All Players share 1 massive deck as well as 1 graveyard. Cards are specially made to work with this mechanic. Also, there are no lands, but instead the shared deck is filled with spells only. Furthermore, to play lands, you sacrifice a spell in your hand and then play that card face down acting as a land that can produce any color. With that anyone who is familiar with magic, mill and morph rules are no longer. Also it does take the color schemes and screws up the color concepts which is fine with me. Again, has anyone heard of anything like it? I could not dare monetize it of course since all the art is basically taken from the internet for private use. Much of the rules are the same except for the drinking rules. The concept is, the more you play, the more inebriated players get, making it increasingly difficult to actually play the game. I know this might sound kind of lame but instead of implementing simpler ways like just having a small sip for each land you tap, I wanted to custom build this set/plug-in. Cards would not require updating. Is there a way I can create a Plug-In that draws it's data from a local file? Is this achievable? Because then I could skip a lot of server uploading work and I could just share it with my private friends for them to download this set. But first I have to build the set and make it workable with Lackey CCG. Can anyone give me some words of wisdom? This really is a plug-in question and how the data from a text file can allow Lackey to load cards from my own computer. That would be extremely helpful if I just knew a bit more about alternative ways to load cards I design into Lackey.


I haven't seen anything like that previously, but making a Lackey plugin of it sounds like a good idea!

Having a server (and an updatelist.txt and version.txt) are super handy for easy installation, as well as keeping everyone up-to-date if/when you add new cards, but they are not necessary for a plugin to function. For instance, assuming you have the stock Magic plugin installed, look in your [LackeyCCG]/plugins folder. The folder there named "magic" contains your local copy of the plugin (downloaded from the server). If you copy that whole folder to another computer's installation of Lackey, it will work just fine, with no downloading from the server necessary. (A sort-of exception is images, since usually those are downloaded on the fly, but if all images are present, this holds true for them too.) Once you've built it as a static plugin and verified that it works, you can always add auto-update later if you choose to.

Card data list files are just tab-separated text files, which (often with some fiddling) can be exported from Excel or other spreadsheet software. I'd recommend reading the plugin creation tutorial, taking a look at how the existing Magic plugin does things, and going from there, checking back here with questions as needed.