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Marvel Champions LCG by FFG Plugin!

Started by ransomman, January 18, 2020, 05:14:29 AM

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I have made a plugin for Marvel Champions The Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games! Here is the update URL:

The above link should remain the same for the life of the plugin, but if you ever find that you're unable to load the plugin check here to see if I've had to change the URL.

Last updated: Feb. 5, 2020
Packs up to: Ms. Marvel & Wrecking Crew
Visit for pack release chronology.

Thanks to for the Wrecking Crew scans!

Thanks to CrazyChucky who suggested a right-click option for Status Cards. Now all cards have right-click options for Status Cards (look at the bottom of the pop-out menu after right clicking on a card)!


If you are new to lackey here is a brief guide:

  • Download lackey here
  • Copy the dropbox update url to your clipboard
  • Open lackey and click the Plugin button at the top, then click Paste AutoUpdate Url to paste the dropbox url from your clipboard and finally click Install or Update from URL!

You can still open Lackey on Mac. Find your LackeyCCG folder (in the downloads or wherever you saved it) open it, then right-click on the LackeyCCG app instead of left clicking. Then click Show Package Contents->Contents->MacOS->LackeyCCG exec file. Double click the exec file and you'll be up and running!

A few notes and tips:

  • Right-click any card for a dropdown menu in order to spawn Tough, Stunned, or Confused status cards!
  • When you load a premade Villain from the deck editor you have to make sure to load each part of the Villain (e.g. the encounter deck, the Villain Deck, the Scheme Deck, etc.). You can do this by selecting each deckzone and then right clicking on the "Load to Shared" button for each part of the Villain deck.
  • I've included various table background images along with various hand-zone images. Go to preferences->Apearances to change them.
  • Two handed play is possible! Right click on the Test Dummy to load a recent deck. Now whenever the Test Dummy is highlighted you are controlling his set of cards! The Draw button only pertains tot he highlighted player.



Nice! Always cool to see new plugins.

I don't really know anything about this game's rules, and whether you need those tokens all the time or only in certain situations. Have you thought about either saving the tokens in an initial game setup (on the table or wherever) or adding them as right-clickable spawn scripts on applicable cards, whichever would be more appropriate?

You could also direct your users to the collapsible token "drawer" or the "right game zone". Clicking and dragging tokens into existence is probably more user-friendly than typing in console commands, as long as users know it's there.

(If you don't see the drawer on the right, click the '+' in the top right.)

Is the not-launching issue only in more recent versions of OS X? It launches fine on mine.

Lastly, I like the idea of one thread as a master change list. Perhaps I should start doing that for Magic instead of starting a new topic every time I update...


Hey thanks for the reply! That's a great idea about adding a right-click script. I think that might be the best option. I added the Mac thing because I've personally been having trouble just double clicking the App to open it; it usually sends me to the website instead of opening! I figured I'd add a warning just in case anyone else is experiencing the issue. And yea, I just wanna update this thread whenever I add new packs! Thanks again