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Elemental Creatures

Started by Monox D. I-Fly, January 16, 2020, 01:06:31 AM

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Monox D. I-Fly

I want to make a CCG based on creatures. Each creatures will have ATK, DEF, and HP.

There will be two cycles.

The first cycle is based on category. If a category is stronger than a category it battles against, it gets +5 ATK boost. The first cycle is as follows:
Modern beats Mythical because unlike Mythical creatures, Modern creatures exist
Mythical beats Prehistoric because well, Myths tend to be exaggerated that the creatures can defeat any real ones
Prehistoric beats Cryptic, because even though we will most likely never see both, Prehistoric creatures were real
Cryptic beats Modern, because reports regarding cryptic animals often followed by loss of farm animals

The second cycle is based on elements. If an element is stronger than an element it battles against, the element it battles lose 5 DEF points. The cycle is as follows:
Light illuminates Dark
Dark suffocates Plant
Plant absorbs Water
Water extinguishes Fire
Fire consumes Air
Air erodes Earth
Earth grounds Electric
Electric shocks Metal
Metal reflects Light

So, at first set I need at least 1 creature with 1 category and 1 element. In other words, I need 36 creatures first. Any idea which creatures should I include in the first set? Also, how do you think the limitation should be? As in, mana-based or 1 Creature per turn?


sounds interesting if you ever wanna make a plugin of this concept you should go for it. for creatures ideas i suggest to make your own theres no harm on making up creatures and categorize them the way you choose. If you got questions about card game design or plugin making lmk.