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can you guys take a look?

Started by iamthecardguy, May 23, 2019, 07:15:08 PM

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Hello People!
I wanted to share with you guys a card game project me and my friends have been working on for the last year. We created Kabura and we really want to share it with you guys because we think that it deserves to see the light.
The idea for KABURA the card game was born when my friends and I were playing a very popular online collectible card game (I'm sure you can figure out which game that is) versus one another while sitting two feet apart from each other. One of my friends mentioned how silly that was and wished that we could be able to play the game with real cards and not have to spend our time staring into a screen. This sparked my imagination and an idea for a card game popped into my head. My three friends and I (a game developer, a designer, and a financial specialist) have been big fans of all card games since we were little kids so we decided to play around with this idea and soon enough we realized that we might have a hit card game on our hands. So for the past year or so we have been working extra hard creating the base of the game and developing the business idea as a whole. After many failed prototypes and bad versions of the game, we have finally created a full proper card game, and all we need now is your support.

Please support us on our Kickstarter page:


I removed your extra post of this. Only need it once. In regards to the game itself though it looks like it could be interesting. Are you intending to make a Lackey plugin for it?