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New CCG - Milk Mania

Started by MrFishyFish, March 18, 2020, 12:35:44 PM

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Milk Mania is a new CCG based around making dairy products. The goal is to use one of the Cheesemaking cards to make cheese (Cheese Counters) with the Milk cards you've put into play with Cow cards, and the first player to make and distribute all 7 Cheese cards (Cheese Counters) wins.
This game has no direct combat, which has aroused my concerns that the game is too solitairey. I have tried to add cards that allow you to severely impact the other players game.
Land will give you Mana, which I renamed Parmesan Points for this game. You can develop land by placing cards on top, like evolving Pokemon, that lets your Farm give you more Parmesan Points than a Field, for example.
Animals and Humans are my Creature cards - you can play them, and tap them for special effects.
Object cards are like Sorceries - you play them, again for a Parmesan Points cost - their effect happens, and you discard them.
NO, THERE IS NOT A LACKEY PLUGIN. I "lack" a PC, Mac, or iPad to use Lackey on.
Feel free to comment general questions and advice. I may set up a way for me to mail you some cards and full rules, though.
Thanks for reading!


Was this inspired by ProZD's skits, or is that just a hilarious coincidence?