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What are the most popular tabletop figurine games?

Started by Trevor, April 14, 2011, 06:26:11 AM

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I have no idea why it did not occur to me before.

Decent: Journeys into Darkness

The playing board is made up of "puzzle piece" style dungeon tiles, and EVERYTHING is handled by tokens...  The only real stumbling block is the custom Dice, but those are just custom D6's and can be interpreted into numbers.  All of the rule books are available online: Except the dungeon maps (I have access to most of those as well as a scanner). There are numerous expansions, including 2 campaign systems.


Star Frontiers has been out of print for over 25 years and is slowly regaining popularity at the moment. They would love something easy to use and independent from websites to use.

They also have plenty of images of figurines available.


the only one i can think of is Star Wars Mini.

the above link gives links to all the rules including new rules added with new expansions



In no particular order:

1.Warhammer Fantasy

2.Warhammer 40k



5. ???

I would love to see lackey support Mini's--it is fantastic for card games--but I think this is an awfully huge endeavor.  Even though you only need to support the basic, general elements, most rulebooks for mini's games are thicker than dictionaries. Once you pick the mini's game you want to support, I would recommend going to your local gameshop/comicshop and ask for a quick tutorial.  It'll save you hours of reading/research.