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OverPower Plugin

Started by Bob the Builder, May 16, 2011, 02:49:55 PM

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pm me for a meesenger so we can talk deckbuilding.


Continuing my tour through Lackey plugins for dead games from my adolescence... anyone know why this plugin isn't loading?


Looks like it's trying to download most of its images from the Overpower website, including the cardback image, which is required for the plugin to load. It also looks like that website has changed how their URLs are formatted; the dashes are now slashes ("ally-17.png" -> "ally/17.png"). And the cardback image is still there, but it's a PNG instead of JPG.

I put the cardback image in place, then did a search-and-replace in my local copy of the card data. The URLs now seem to point to perfectly fine image files, but Lackey's still not downloading them correctly. If I go to those same exact URLs in a web browser, download the file, and save it in the plugin folder, it works. Not sure why yet, will probably do some more fiddling.


I was thinking it was related to that cardback file change (I did notice that error and do a little poking on it) but I optimistically thought I could fix it by just putting a JPG version of the cardback into the plugin folder... no such luck :)


It's aggravatingly mysterious. I used a program called Wireshark to watch the packets Lackey sends, just to be sure. It requests the exact same URL that works in a browser (or for downloading from the command line), but for some reason it doesn't download the image. I can't explain it.


Is it a PNG/JPG problem--I know Lackey loves its JPGs... can it not handle PNGs? Though I imagine you work with mostly PNGS in your Magic plugin.

(Again, I have only really played with very dead games in pretty old plugins, so my speculation is based on that :))


PNGs are supposed to work, even though they're not the default, but it's possible that has something to do with it. I have little experience with them in Lackey, as the Magic plugin is actually entirely JPGs.


Well... the fact of the matter is that I probably would have never been able to get a game of Overpower going anyway... so this is probably best left as a Mystery. I was hoping that this would be like my Card Pool problem and there would just be an answer that clearly jumped out to a more knowledgable user. I certainly didn't intend to have it turn into any appreciable amount of work or effort for anyone (particularly you, since you have already done so much to help me out!)

Fingers crossed that the next time I try to resurrect something, it's not broken at all! :D


Well if you decide to experiment with this any more, and you haven't fixed this part already, here's the card info file with all the image fields fixed. (I haven't verified every single one makes a valid URL, but every one I've tried does.)

(Rename to "setinfo.txt" and replace the existing file.)


Thanks! I will keep poking around with it as time permits.

Johnny Blaze

If i learn to play and deck build once the plugin is updated i would play