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Started by Alastair, November 08, 2009, 10:29:10 PM

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Quote from: Souji Tendou on November 12, 2009, 08:25:25 PM
I bet. Nobody wants to invoke the wrath of Trevor. I hear it's pretty wrathful  ;D

especially when its about ccg design :(

jk, i love design debates, and you aren't a total jerk like a certain member of the last incarnation of these forums :D


Hi, here some information about the Netrunner plugin.

The one you can download with pluginfinder is buggy.

But I provide a corrected one:
1. Download
2. Paste into the "plugins" folder of your lackey installation (e.g. C:\Programme\LackeyCCG\plugins)
3. Right click the zip file and choose "extract here".
4. Start Lackey, go to the Preferences tab and download the card images (they are not contained in the zip file).

Bugs fixed:
- lines too long in All_Sets.txt (thx to user Saveedra)
- wrong file name for cardback (thx to the user who found this bug)
- core command bug with ":" in filename
- corrected folder name "Utility"
- card distribution in corp starter was wrong
- image for Patience added

If you have questions on Netrunner, check out


SailorMoon (Core set only for now, PnF is coming soon)

[attachment deleted by admin due to disk space availablility]


#18 < I've updated the UFS plugin here.

Still have no clue on the updatelist.txt bit, but I rarely have need to update until the next set release anyways if that matters at all.

Sorry, don't frequent here much, other than to post this update for the rest of the Lackey users; this is mostly a courtesy, as it's used mainly by myself and the people I live with at this point in time.

But I'm rambling. A helping hand in fixing the UFS plugin to have an updatelist.txt would be very generous and I would be grateful. However, because I don't frequent the site much, a direct email would be better. (should be a cute little clicky under my avatar)


Quick change to the Rage plugin.  The /medium/ version is now at /low/ instead.


Added the location of my Updatelist.txt for Vs, Hunter's link for the manual download of UFS and changed /medium/ to /low/ on Flies Rage plugin.




Alastair, please take my VS download link down since you have an auto-updating version available. I don't want people to worry about having two different versions. You should also ask Trevor to put it on the in-game list of plugins.

On a somewhat related note, I wish you had contacted me about working on this plugin. It seems a little silly that you wouldn't talk to me about it. Not going to make a big deal of it, since the new plugin is better for the community. I just hope next time you remember that this is a community.


Ehh, was one of those things. There were a handfull of people online trying to play Vs but having quite a few problems with the plugin so I threw together a fixed version. The 30 minutes to upload the images was longer than the 5 mins it took to fix  ::) Not like it was some big master plan ;)


I noticed that the Star Wars CCG from Decipher has a plugin and it hasn't been updated in a while. If I wanted to create some updates for it, what process would I need to go through to make certain that it could be updated through LackeyCCG? Additionally, how are the image files maintained?


I saw no notice about the Digimon TCG pluggin...



Aight Scox, I'll test out the Trek 1E plugin as soon as I can and add it to the list.


It has been posted on the TrekCC forum since 25th of December, so far no problems reported. :)

For general information:
It is actually an update of the old startrek1 plugin, previously listed in the pluginfinder, but the hosting for that one has been discontinued, and hence I asked Trevor to remove it from the list. A major update of it was made early autumn where a lot of missing card images was added (by TrekCC design responsible), after that I took over the management, and added a number of more cards, as well as a lot of correction to the card database. The latest update was to add the cards released resently, and also to add the updatelist.txt, so automatic download and update is again possible. Planned for coming releases are pack definitions (cannot be fully supported since Lackey dont support ST1E UR rarity rate though), and deck checker/converter (problems moving decks from old version of the plugin/lackey).

Until I get my site for plugin info, revision history and such up and running, I keep all that info here:

Edit: By the way, the name of the plugin should be "StarTrek1E". This is to separate it from the old non-working version (startrek1), and also to have the same naming convention on the two star trek plugins (StarTrek1E and startrek2E).


Thanks for the link to the 1E Star Trek cards. I've been looking for these cards for ages.

Much appreciated.  :)