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  • Cephalids are Octopuses now, apparently! Makes sense.

  • It's always cool when Wizards prints a token that's never existed in paper before — and it means I can remove it from the plugin's custom tokens! I apparently missed some recently, but we now have official versions for:
  • But it's not all removals! I also noticed that Gruff Triplets and Skitterbeam Battalion were only generating generic copy tokens. Now they make custom dudes!

    Skitterbeam Battalion was inconvenient, as its prototype ability meant that I need to have two custom Lackey tokens, and under the current naming scheme, they would both be named "[lackey] Skitterbeam Battalion (Copy)". We all know how well Lackey handles duplicates in the same set. I went ahead and renamed all copy tokens to be more in line with other, "normal" tokens — so for instance, these two are  "[lackey] Skitterbeam Battalion (4/4 Trample, Haste) (Copy)" and "[lackey] Skitterbeam Battalion (R 2/2 Trample, Haste) (Copy)".

    Just look at these lil' fellas. They make me happy. ^_^

Sets with new cards

  • Wizards is standardizing some creature types and changing other stuff! Naga are now snakes, viashino are now lizards, tribal is now kindred, and totem armor is now umbra armor.
Thanks! I can already tell this is gonna be my favorite set since at least Ikoria and the first Eldraine, maybe even longer.
And thank you for catching things! Re-uploaded the missing images.

New sets

  • Cards with Afterlife now have spirit-spawning scripts.
  • Found an interesting minor bug: instants and sorceries that had subtypes (Arcane, Lesson, etc.) or were the backsides of battles had scripts to spawn their tokens, but they didn't auto-spawn when played. Fixed.
Thanks for updating!

Error downloading for Doctor Who token 28, which is Treasure, 40k temp 322, and 1sld 796s.

Also, would it be possible to add Bria, Mabel, and the other five or so adorable cards they previewed from BLoomburrow?
New sets

Sets with cards added

  • Fixed a few pluralizations. Most noticeably, things now create multiple "Eldrazi Spawn" instead of "Eldrazi Spawns", and "Mercenaries" instead of "Mercenarys".
Added Breaking News, The Big Score, and what's spoiled so far of Modern Horizons 3.

The new booster pack structure still needs more fiddling.
Full set for Outlaws of Thunder Junction is here, yeehaw! Note: tokens haven't been spoiled yet.

Will add the associated Commander set and The Big Score and such once they're fully spoiled.

Also, as of Murders at Markov Manor, booster packs are different now and include cards from several different set codes, including Special Guests... I need to fiddle with things to implement them correctly. For the moment, both MKM and OTJ have "normal" draft boosters in Lackey.
Bug Report Forum / Re: Nothing but green lines
Last post by CrazyChucky - March 29, 2024, 11:19:55 PM
The solution is usually to make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card. And don't trust Windows Update or Control Panel; check your graphics card's manufacturer's website for the latest versions.
Bug Report Forum / Re: Nothing but green lines
Last post by Fikfik - March 29, 2024, 01:36:43 PM

I am currently experiencing this issue. Was there a solution to this by any chance?