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You're welcome! : )


Core Set 2021 is now hi-res.

I also flagged the Secret Lair cards which don't yet have high-res images. This won't change anything visible for now, just the image file names. But if you've viewed Secret Lair cards in the last five days, you might want to delete your plugins/setimages/1sld folder, so that when high-res images are available, Lackey will download them correctly.

  • Added Signature Spellbook and Secret Lair sets. Each set code has "1" prepended; for instance, Secret Lair Drop is 1sld insteead of sld. This will keep Lackey from supplying promo prints by default when you paste in a deck list.
  • Card sounds are once again listed directly in the card files instead of in ListOfCardSoundFiles. Hopefully this fixes the sound problem.
  • The formatting for flip cards, double-faced cards, and meld have been improved and made more consistent. The full text, name, types, and (if applicable) power/toughness of the bottom/back/melded side are appended to the main card's text field, for easier searching.
  • All errata should be up to date. Notably, we now have the mill keyword and hounds are DOGS!
  • Added the Pioneer format.
Did it fix the sounds?
Well, if nothing else, it could be a test to try. Rename your existing magic plugin folder, then install clean from the update URL. If it for some reason fixes your sounds, you can then copy over your saved decks (and even card images too, to save downloading those again).

But I'm wondering if maybe the ListofCardSoundFiles method is just unreliable somehow. I used to have the sounds listed normally in the card data files, and it would be easy to switch back.
The Sound column is actually supposed to be blank in the card files, and the rules in ListOfCardSoundFiles.txt should be applied automatically, so that you should see them listed in the deckbuilder (and, of course, hear them in use). I have no idea how it could be working for my plugin installation and obviously not for others. I've even verified with a clean plugin install, from scratch, and I still can't reproduce the bug.
Always glad to hear folks are enjoying the plugin! I'll see if I can answer all of these:

Do you think you'll add the Chandra Spellbook with the awesome fire arts? What about the weird Secret Lair stuff?
I've given some thought to such printings. Unfortunately I have little control over which printings Lackey chooses by default, such as when you spawn a card by name, or paste a card list into the deck builder. (It always chooses whichever set code is last, alphabetically.) I feel like Lackey should supply "normal" printings by default, and it's jarring every time it pops up an Amonkhet Invocation when I don't expect it.

However?now that I'm including things like Ikoria Godzilla cards as 1iko, thus ensuring they won't get chosen by default, it occurs to me I could do the same thing for entire promo sets. It will bug me a little that the entire set's set code will be inaccurate (1ss3 for Chandra instead of ss3 for instance), but I feel like maybe that's worth it. They'd still be easily searchable with "contains".

I hadn't really noticed it, but I'm not getting some sounds either.
The mystery continues. Which ones are missing for you? Is it card-playing sounds? And if so, do you have the same weird "@PT"/blank Sound field like dragostea mentioned?

Time Spiral Empty the Warrens is a broken image.
Hmm. looks fine to me, so maybe your download was interrupted somehow. Delete it and try again?

I know you only like to add one land image per set. But could you maybe add more of the awesome Jumpstart ones? Especially the Dino Forest, the Treefolk Forest, the Goblin Mountain, and the Bird Plains? But really, they are all awesome.
It's not so much that I like doing that, it's that Lackey is limited in its ability to deal with the situation. Saved decks, for instance, are loaded purely by card name and set, ignoring any further distinguishing info. So you save a deck with the Book Island, and when you load that deck later, maybe you have the Mill Island. I've not done thorough enough testing to really be sure how it would affect drafted packs, either (which means I'm not 100% sure the double-common Wastes in OGW is generating perfectly). In the absence of feature improvement to Lackey, I'm not sure this is something I'm equipped to handle better in the plugin.

Not a big deal, but if its easy to change, when I use your new cool 'Play Command' button, it doesn't do the script for the card the way playing from the hand or manually from the Command area does.
Huh, I hadn't noticed that. I'm not sure if it can be fixed, but I'll try fiddling with it.

Is there any way to make the back side of the double faced cards show up on the normal search? We just found out about It That Rides As One, for instance, a way to give Odric trample. I know they are on the token page, but the search there doesn't look into the text, plus it would be nice to have the searchabilty all together while the image stays in tokens.
You know, that's a good point. I probably should add the back-side text to the main card's text, much like how I format Kamigawa flip cards and adventurers. Thank you for the suggestion.

Hope you can do some Find and Replace All magic on their decision to finally make Mill a keyword...
Oh my goodness, if I was finding and replacing through all these text files, I would lose my mind! Thankfully my automated scripts pull all card data from Scryfall, so yes, when next I update the plugin it will include all available errata.
Thank you. That is extraordinarily perplexing. I don't know what '@PT' means, nor do I understand how the same card would have a different field value based on whether it's in the deck or not. This might warrant poking Trevor. Are you in the Facebook group? If not, I could post there so he'll see it.
Quote from: dragostea on July 05, 2020, 02:38:39 PM
Lands(basic and nonbasic), creatures, sorceries, enchantments, and instants make no sound now. Searching through the library and pulling a card onto the battlefield still makes a sound.

I imagine you mean it makes the "generic" card-spawn sound when played from the library, but does not make specific (or any) sounds when played from the hand.
I'm going to assume that artifacts and planeswalkers also fail to make their sound, but let me know if this incorrect.

Could you please investigate my other questions? The help I can offer is only as good as the information I have.

Quote from: CrazyChucky on July 04, 2020, 11:11:31 AM

  • Do cards in the deck editor list anything in their "Sound" column? (Each card should list its type, like "creature" or "artifact", or for basic lands, its name.)
  • Are any other sounds, beside card-play sounds, also not working?
  • Is there a ListOfCardSoundFiles.txt in your main plugin folder, and a a creature.wav, artifact.wav, etc. in magic/sounds?
  • If not (maybe something somehow got deleted?), have you tried clicking Update/Install to redownload them?
Okay. Everything seems to be working when I test. The more specific you can be, the more likely I'll be able to track down what's happening.

  • Which sounds are working? Are any cards making a sound when first placed on the table from your hand? (A second play, or playing it directly from your library, never makes a sound.)
  • Do cards in the deck editor list anything in their "Sound" column? (Each card should list its type, like "creature" or "artifact", or for basic lands, its name.)
  • Are any other sounds, beside card-play sounds, also not working?
  • Is there a ListOfCardSoundFiles.txt in your main plugin folder, and a a creature.wav, artifact.wav, etc. in magic/sounds?
  • If not (maybe something somehow got deleted?), have you tried clicking Update/Install to redownload them?
Is it possible your card sounds preference has gotten turned off? Sometimes Lackey mysteriously changes one's saved settings with no warning or explanation. See if Preferences -> Sound -> Enable Card Sounds (at the very bottom) is checked.

All the cards from Jumpstart are added. I don't think it's possible to make the packs themselves work correctly in Lackey.

The creator of The Collation Project is a goddang hero. Thanks to their efforts, we now have a complete list of the contents of each slot in the Mystery Booster. Both the retail edition (with the foils) and the convention edition (with the playtest cards) are now draftable in the plugin.

On a smaller note, two fixes to existing packs:

  • Ikoria: I incorrectly put the taplands in as normal commons. Now they replace the (not simulated) basic land half the time. This means you'll get either 14 or 15 cards.
  • Khans of Tarkir: I put the taplands in the basic land slot, like in Fate Reforged. This was incorrect. They now function as normal commons.

  • Core Set 2021 is added.
  • Commander 2020 and Ikoria are now high-res.
  • Lurrus of the Dream-Den was incorrectly named Lurrus of the Dream Den; this has been fixed. If you had it saved in any decks, you'll need to re-add it.
  • Kind of a weird change: the ordering of some of the artifacts in Sixth Edition changed, which changes their image file names. If you load any Sixth Edition artifacts and they display the wrong image, just delete the folder [Lackey Folder]/plugins/magic/sets/setimages/6e. Lackey will then redownload images as needed and save them with the new names.
Ah, yeah there is that. Scripts only work on the table, for better or for worse.
Hmm... perhaps an initialization script on relevant cards?

/cn"I have errata"

will make a small blue N on the card (on the table, not in the viewer pane), and hovering over it will show the note. With some searching and replacing, you could even make the note be the full errata text if you want.

Caveat: Lackey apparently doesn't stop reading in the note if there's another script directly afterward. So this works:

/ch;/cn"I have errata"

But this doesn't:

/cn"I have errata";/ch

This only applies if they're separated merely by semicolons. Separately tagged scripts are fine:

<s><a>y</a><l>Initialize</l><f>/ch;/cn"I have errata"</f></s> <s><l>Reveal top card</l><f>/vp1at1</f>

Scripting guide:
Older scripting guide, which is outdated in general, but is still a useful reference for its commands, which work when preceded by /c: