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Newly added:

  • Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
  • Neon Dynasty Commander (partial spoiler)
  • Unfinity (partial spoiler)
  • Holiday cards: Last-Minute Chopping and the Treasure token
  • New Secret Lair cards, as usual

Newly high-res:

  • Midnight Hunt alternate arts
  • Midnight Hunt Commander
  • Crimson Vow (just the main set, not alt arts or tokens yet)
  • Crimson Vow Commander


  • Color identity for reversible cards (good catch, turtlelemon)
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Roll 2D 6
February 04, 2022, 10:49:03 PM
It looks good as far as I can tell. Is the button not showing up? Are other general functions working for you?
1. Missing Secret Lair images
Thanks for the catch! Images should be uploaded now.

2. Adding Universes Beyond
I imagine I will (and I'll probably go back and add the Walking Dead cards too). It was one thing when it was a one-off gimmick, but apparently it's a whole deal now.

3. Multiple land art per set
I have thought about doing something similar, but... it really would be a logistical clusterfuck to shoehorn all that into a program that doesn't natively support such a thing.

Time Spiral Remastered (and Zendikar Rising Expeditions) are added.

P.S. This update introduced a bug that could cause draft packs to include basic lands in common slots. I've fixed it, and forward-dated the update to tomorrow (3/7) to make sure Lackey updates even if you download the update earlier today.

@dragostea: I haven't added Commander Legends packs yet because the pack structure is quite complex, and I haven't been able to find thorough information about what all you can get in which slots, in what probabilities. Every time Wizards makes a set with custom-collated packs, it's an exciting new headache for me to simulate. I intend to add it when I can do so at least reasonably accurately.

Unfortunately the 1-10 selector is a part of Lackey that isn't configurable by plugin settings.
Unfortunately no, dynamic calculations aren't possible. Ultimately, Lackey is a table-simulator, not a game engine. It's not really designed to do much beyond what you could already do at a physical table, with a stack of cards and some dice.

Changing a card's health sounds like you want to use counters. You can make buttons that add or remove counters, or let the user decide what number to set them to.
Unfortunately Lackey scripts can't actually do the math for you, but they can output fixed messages and roll dice.

For instance, for the example card X, if you give it this script:

<s><l>Use Fist</l><f>/say Fist: Damage = 9 x;/rolld6</f></s>

Then the script will be available when you right-click on the card. (Shown here on an existing Magic card just as an example)
Image 1

Clicking on it will print its text to the chat log, then roll the die.
Image 2

(We used to be able to embed images here, but it looks like that's not currently working.)

Commander Legends is now (mostly) high-res. (The double-foiled alternate prints, as well as the tokens that only appear in the commander decks, are still low-res.)

I've also added an ActualSet field to the card data. This always matches the card's set code as listed on Scryfall, rather than some older, custom set codes I maintain for Lackey backwards compatibility with saved decks, or the "1" I now prepend for promo prints.
Sydnelson hasn't posted here in the forum in a decade, but seems to still be maintaining and updating the plugin, so I'd say it's likely they'll be adding the new cards. You could try joining the VTES Facebook group, if you haven't already. (I'm not a member, so I have no idea how active it is or isn't these days.)

Kaldheim is uploaded, as well as what's revealed so far of Kaldheim Commander.


  • Commander Collection: Green is now high-res.
  • Topdeck the Halls, the new holiday card, is added.
  • Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition has the new Pathways.
  • Various Secret Lair cards added and/or updated to high-res, as appropriate
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Checksums unveiled?
November 27, 2020, 09:49:44 PM
I got curious again and revisited this. Even with your trick of subtracting 256, amcsi, I wasn't able to get the correct checksum on all image files. It was bugging me, so eventually I just learned how to call C++ from inside Python. No need to replicate C++'s implementation details if I can use it for real!

# in Python
import ctypes
c_checksum = ctypes.CDLL('') # would just be 'checksum' on Windows, I think

def get_checksum(filename):
    """Calls the (mostly) original C++ function."""
    # str(filename) is so this function can be called with a Path object too
    string_argument = ctypes.create_string_buffer(str(filename).encode())
    return c_checksum.get_checksum(string_argument)

//, which is compiled to make the shared library
#include <iostream>

extern "C" int get_checksum(char filename[])
    FILE* fp = fopen(filename, "rb");
    if(fp == NULL) {
        return 0; // If there is no file, return with a sum of 0.
    long current, next = 0;
    char temp_char = 0;
    int sum = 0;
        current = next;
        temp_char = fgetc(fp);
        next = ftell(fp);
        if (temp_char != 10 && temp_char != 13)
            sum += (unsigned int)temp_char;
        sum %= 100000000; // modulo to prevent memory type overflow
        } while (current != next);
    return sum;
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Commander Legends
November 06, 2020, 03:45:39 PM
Full set is up. No draftable pack just yet, though?still trying to find more specific information about how the packs are laid out.

The full Commander Legends set is up. (The normal set is "cmr", and the borderless planeswalkers and foiled alt-frame cards are under "1cmr".)
I have not yet added the draftable pack, because I haven't yet been able to find detailed enough information about how the various slots are allocated.


  • Zendikar Rising and Zendikar Rising Commander are now high-res.
  • Added Germ-spawning script for Living Weapons.


Skyclave Relic wasn't making token copies of itself. Fixed.
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Commander Legends
November 03, 2020, 10:27:28 PM
Some of the cards have been spoiled, and most of those are in the plugin already (with set code "cmr"). I imagine the full set will probably be revealed by the end of this week.

Added full Zendikar Rising Commander set, new Secret Lair cards, and ongoing spoilers for Commander Legends.
Also added scripts for Monarch, Amass, and Encore.


Aaaaand also removed the Ravnica sets and M20 from Standard. Only a month late. Can you tell I don't really follow Standard?
Walking Dead cards? What are you talking about? I'm pretty sure nothing like that exists. ?_?