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This is a very old bug that occurs when u load saved games with 3 or more players. I already report that in the past but no fix was realesed.

How to reproduce the bug:
Start a match with 3 or more players
After few turns save and close the game
Create a new game, wait for players join and load saved game or revert to autosave

The bug consist in Lackey mark zone visibility wrong after load a saved game. I already test and see that bug in Windows version using VTES plugin, don't know if also happens in MAC or other games.

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: VtES Game Updated
« on: March 20, 2015, 04:41:13 AM »
Once again I've updated LackeyCCG, this time with new Red Sign 2015 storyline. See bellow how to use it:

If you already have LackeyCCG with vtes plugin installed, Just mark the option "Automatically check for plugin updates (if the plugin support it)?" on "Plugin:VTES tab and program will ask for update.
If you want to install LackeyCCG or vtes plugin from scratch just follow the tutorials here:

Note, this storyline will influence future expansions, it is interesting to post the results of tables and the match information to help in the creation of new cards.
To send the results just use this template:

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / VtES Game Updated
« on: October 04, 2014, 07:54:12 PM »
LackeyCCG is updated to new expansion Unaligned and Mythic vampires.

If you already have VtES Plugin instaled just open the program and wait until update is finished.

If you are new on online game take a look at tutorials here:

OCTGN will be updated soon...

Alastair, can you add VTES to Plugin Update List locations?

Plugin page:

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / VtES plugin updated to new expansion
« on: October 08, 2013, 06:32:44 AM »
Updated to new expansion.

I have updated lackeyccg with new expansion Danse Macabre.

How to install LackeyCCG:

1 - Download lackeyccg program from one of those URLs:

windows version

mac/osx version

linux version

ipad version - coming soon on apple store

2 - Unzip it to a folder easy to remember.

3 - Open LackeyCCG.exe

4 - Go to "Plugin:war3000" tab and paste one of this two URLs:

for fast pc / high resolution screens
Code: [Select]

for slow pc / low resolution screens
Code: [Select]
5 - Click on "Install or Update from URL!" and wait until all files are downloaded.

6 - After download finish click on "load vtes plugin now!"
 * if an error occurs or the above message not show try step 5 again.

Have a fun!


To see your crypt face down cards on table just mouse over desired card and press shift.

To see shortcut bar with macro messages like Bleed, Hunt, Strike, just press +plus/-minus button above chat window.

To see your cards in left panel instead of bottom of game table or to see tokens menu or sound share tab just press +plus/-minus button on right top corner of program.

To see card images, just pass mouse over the card name and wait lackeyccg download it or if you want to download all images at once you need to go to: Preferences > Miscellaneous and tick the option "Allow pre-downloading images for offline use?" and click on "Download all missing card images" on Plugin:vtes tab. The entire card images package has between 150mb to 190mb depending on with version of plugin you have (high or low).

To convert decks from eld to lackeyccg format and vice-versa you can use feld2lackey.exe (windows only) program include in lackeyccg folder (only work with decks saved in txt format on lackeyccg).

If your drop from game or if program crash you can back to game and request to previous turn player load a autosave by pressing "Revert to Autosave 1" in Main Menu.

To talk with other players using voice, you can use Skype program. Download skype from URL bellow and configure your account in Preferences > Player Profile. To create a group chat in Skype just press blue phone button on in your avatar in left side of game tab (only works if another players also have setup theirs accounts on lackeyccg).

Note: I will update OCTGN and FELD database until the end of week.

Bug Report Forum / Re: Dont see VTES crypt images
« on: October 03, 2013, 08:57:42 AM »
This problem start after the LackeyCCG 10-02-13 version. I'm trying to contact Trevor to resolve that issue but he dont reply yet.

I hope we can resolve that until saturday, because I will launch a vtes update with new official expansion Danse Macabre

Bug Report Forum / Lackey suggestions and feature requests...
« on: September 10, 2013, 12:08:32 AM »
Here some suggestions to improve lackey program, I already talk about most of those features to Trevor and I want to know if players agree with that and can suggest more features.

Improvements request list:

Highlight whisper msgs on server and in game chat window

Nudge player, that feature plays a loud acoustic signal that call attention of player and blink the lackey icon on taskbar

Use dynamics taskbar icons depending on triggers like: Green icon color on taskbar if is your turn, yellow if you on server or is not your turn, red if someone nudge or send a whisper to you

Show a system tray notification with a msg when someone whisper you

A way to drag and drop counters between cards on table

Transfer counters from player stats to a card in table

A function to group and or attach cards to another

A definition to set some kind of cards that will be always on top of another’s when played

When host leave or drop from game lackey automatic choose another player as host and keep the current game instead of close it

Show current plugin canned msgs on Preferences > Key Bindings

Way to load / save themes packs with custom icons, interface images, sounds, avatars, skins and fonts

A button to invite players to a game you create or participate

A confirmation when you click o X to close lackey program or game windows

Fix Skype bugs on Modern interface (sometimes doesn’t work and is annoying changing from desktop to modern environment)

Improve lackey update engine (implement built in update method instead using lackey updater external program)

Fix the non-qwerty bug

Fix the notes bug (you need to click on notes twice on windows version to note be displayed in a card)

Add a feature to search for a card by name in card piles

Add sub-menus with canned msgs and functions to right click menu

Extend the log size when use /log command and add an interface button to do it (every time I save log not all text are saved, I don't know if the log has a limitation or log simple ignore text typed after a revert to autosave / load saved game

Art & Graphics & Skins Forum / Re: New Modern Lackey Skin: VTES
« on: August 24, 2013, 11:41:45 AM »
Thanks Chris for the skin.

I see a new version today but no changelog. Can you update the changelog?


Can you update the changelog? I want to know what is new.

Thanks for new version.

I still have keyboard errors like ones reported in the previous version...

See the errors in my last post...
So these are problems that happen with the current official version as well?

No, the current version (build date 04-11-12) don't have this problem, but it recognise my keyboard layout as a English but my keyboard layout is Portuguese Brazil ABNT2. I try with another keyboard types like PT-PT and Arabic and same problem.

I still have keyboard errors like ones reported in the previous version...

See the errors in my last post...

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]

All posts of previous version persist, now a DOS window open in backgroud try to loading several program resources.

I just posted a new version which I think fixed a number of issues that people reported.

It should now run on mac 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8.
I think I fixed the keyboard problems, but I haven't tested much on non-qwerty.
I fixed some keyboard problems which caused the reported crashes.
I fixed card counter text (although I am still improving it because it doesn't look great not).
Fixed the "CAPS LOCK, Home, End, Insert, Page Down/Up" bug Sydnelson reported.

And other fixes but I still am working on things.

Keyboard bugs persist in Windows version...

When I press caps lock the number 9 apear on text.
When I press Ç a space apear instead.
When I press Insert key a character I apears intead.
Home, End, / and ? keys doesn't work.
Special chars like ° º ª § £ ¬ ¢ ² ³ also doesn't work.
NumPad stil work even it is disable by NumLock key.
Accentuation also doesn't work. Accent keys like ´ ` ¨ ^ doesnt work too. Only ~ apears normal but doesnt work if you try to use it with a another character (ã õ, ñ)
My primary keyboard is Brazilian ABNT2, I try other keyboard type like Arabian or Japanese and both of then doesnt work too.

Counter number is not good,  no contrast or borders in text make it not visible most of times..

Lackey icon on task bar and in left top corner of program also is missing.

Meta key also still apearing in default shortcuts (the correct one is WIN key)

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / VtES Plugin v2.02b
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:20:58 AM »
VtES plugin on lackey was updated


V2.02b - 19/FEB/2013
Missing crypt cardbacks fix
V2.02 - 19/FEB/2013
Changed counters positions on High Definition plugin
Update texts and image files of the following cards to match with Team Rulings 02-DEC-2011:
- Free States Rant
- Island of Yiaros
- Gratiano
- Adaptability
- Death Pact
- Fire Dance
- Merrill Molitor
- Psyche!
- Coordinate Attacks
- Domain of Evernight
- Pocket Out of Time
- Villein
Added phase icons (imported from old vtesonline)
Update background image

Download it in:

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