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I'm having some real strange problems here... basically I have a working update.txt file.. but as soon as I change anything it no longer works for some reason as reads as invalid.. but it looks fine to me?

I have been trying to move my project to github for hosting... the not working update list is this one..

the working on is this

(this drop box link will not go into lackey btw... it is just to show you the file.

Basically they "look" identical... but the links to the phase images have been corrected and the date at the top has been changed.

Anyone have any ideas why this is not working? It is really frustrating!

(Changed both links to dropbox so I can continue testing on github)

Having a strange problem, were if I hold odwn shift.. all the cards on the table flip up so I can see them. In a few of my games cards go on the table face down.. but this never used to work this way right?

Basically if you hold shift, they all flip up?

Any idea how to stop that?

General Discussion Forum / Possible Solution for Hosting Issues....
« on: May 02, 2017, 10:17:59 PM »
So DropBox is fucked... but I think I have found a free solution...

The problem was unless you added every single file url into the card files we needed a webhost that acts like a traditional public_html folder... as in all files are xxx.yyy/filename.ext ... that way you only need 1 entery in your plugin dir with the directory, and then the app gets all the files by appending the file name onto the url (xxx.yyy/file1.jpg | xxx.yyy/file2.jpg) etc etc..

Anyway... looks like I may have found a free webhost that will fit out needs.. it is called.. 5GBFREE ... it has already been around for about 5 years so it is realitivly stable... but more importanly it has 5GB of free space as well as full FTP access for easy uploading and file management. There is also other feeares like pHp and mysql if you want to run forums or blogs or w/e.

Like all free hosts it has a smallish bandwidth limitation, so you may get errors when you hit that.. but lets face it the LackeyCCG community isn't that huge!! hehe..

Anyway.. I'm going to try and move 1 of my plugins to this service to test it out.. I'll let you know how it goes...

have fun and ROLL HIGH

CoC, LoTR-LCG, DUNE, DEATH ANGEL, ANR, SPYCRAFT, X-FILES and MIDDLE EARTH lackeyccg plugins will all stop working sometime in march as DropBox is discontinuing the "public folder service".
I do not know what to do about this. I can not afford a online file server. There is the option of using "direct links" to OneDrive, GoogleDrive and the "new" Dropbox.. but sharing each file individually and getting the hack for the direct link for 1000s of files will be a LOT of work.
Anyone Lackey Devs.. "how are you hosting your files?"
I am thinking of hosting the plugins as RAR files you just download and unarchive into the correct folder. (no idea how the file system works on iPad). Do you guys think that would be ok>

I'm getting a lot of people telling me that LackeyCCG no longer works on the latest MacOS... as in the app itself will not run. I use Windows so I can not confirm or deny. but thought you guys should know.

(Assuming this app is not actually dead nowadays)

General Discussion Forum / So... is lackeyCCG dead?
« on: November 12, 2016, 10:15:19 PM »
Last update was in 2014 or something.... just wondering if there is any movement on this project.. or if real life has taken Trevor away?

I know it wouldn't help the time problem, but Trev should run a kickstarter or a go-fundme or something to get a little help on this.

I know you can set lackey to download a rules or faq pdf to the users local drive using update file... but if there a way to load a pdf from inside lackey? Maybe a command you can type that will open the pdf in what ever you have associated with the file on your given platform. like /read rules or something like that?

Bug Report Forum / Dropbox support is broken again somehow :(
« on: October 25, 2015, 12:23:57 PM »
Looks like DropBox is broken again... (was working like a week ago)

This link works...

Even in app if you paste it into the download URL it will "find it"... but no longer will it actually download files or images or anything.

Not sure why...

Any ideas?

Hi there.... been a while... but I was wondering if the Dice Rolling thing has been added to the application yet?

I know about the print out into the text chat... but there was talk about defining a die by assigning a image to each face. Then when you roll the dice (maybe double click on it, or type the command or something) it would play a wav and randomly select one of the images, or better yet do a small cycle so you can see  the dice rolling before selecting the random image.

Did anything like that ever get implemented, yet?

Sorry but lackey's new logo blows.... we should run a art competition to get a new one.. Some posts on BGG and FFG and other sites should get plently of submissions.

It just looks like some MTG cards :(

DropBox is a great way for plugin makers to host the games really cheaply.. as in free.

When you copy a dropbox link it comes in as "https://blah.blah" This will error in LackeyCCG, but if you just remove the "s" it works fine "http://blah.blah"

Now this is all well and good, and if you look at my plugins the instructions have the correct link, but many users despite instructions click on the link and copy it from the URL bar, instead of right clicking and copying the link. This is bad as the url will be auto corrected to use the "s" again if you put it into a URL bar.

It would be great is lackeyccg could handle the "s". All it would need is a tiny if loop or som e other programming magic to change the string from https:// to http://. Then use all thew existing code as normal.

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / [Question] - No Scaling of table?
« on: July 04, 2014, 08:29:44 PM »
I am thinking of trying to make some boardgame in lackey.. but there are a few things I think might be needed and I am not sure if it is possible or not..

1) Can you set lackey so that the scaling of the viewport dose NOT deform the player table. So the player table is simply the exact size of the player table art image and the user just needs to use the zoom / pan functions... any adjustment of the window sizes for cards or w/e will not affect the table in anyway?

Basically one of the things that I think LackeyCCG needs to do boardgames is have absolute image sizes. Each user can zoom the field out or in. Still many board game components fit snugly into slots on baords and stuff like that and what we really need is for the user to have the components set to 100% and the board set to not scale at all. Then the plugin designer can make each part of the graphics fit perfectly with every other part.

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / [Suggestion] Locked Componants
« on: July 04, 2014, 08:20:45 PM »
Now there is the possibility of proper custom dice coming ot lackey.. I am getting super excited for converting some of my fav board games.

I think I will start with MAGE KNIGHT or maybe another simpler dungeon game.

Anyway... many games now have modular boards created in setup or during the game through explorer actions. The deck system is fect for this.. just make a deck of the location tiles.. draw and place.. What Lackey needs is a way to completely lock the tile. Similar to the function that stops it form tapping or refreshing.. but this function would make it 100% unclickable.. and immune to drag select and stuff. So it basically becomes part of the background so we can move and place figures on top of it. So locking would make it always at the bottom of the buffer.

This could be done in the same way as before.. a little blue line cube in the corner of the image (like the red one for untp) maybe you could make it so that double clicking directly on that blue line box the tile unlocks?

Finally the marker for locked should be centered on the image. Often modular tiles are odd shapes, the most common is a octgn. If you have it in the corners the mark will often be off in space...

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / [Sugestion] - Visual Custom Dice
« on: July 04, 2014, 02:43:53 PM »
Thought of a super simple way to do custom dice.

What if in the deck editor in the type column you put "dice" or something like that. The it appears in the token area of the application. The in the image section you just place as many images as you want faces.


In this case I have assigned 10 images... in the exact same way you assign a second card back. Now when it is on the table instead of double clicking tapping it .. it just randomly chooses one of the images in the list. So if you have 10 images, you get a random selection of 10. If you have 6 you get a random selection of 6. For spice, maybe have a new sound event on that from the sound column or something that plays when you do this.  You could drag out many dice and drag select and double click to roll many dice at once.

I think this would be beyond awesome and open the app up to more games not traditionally card games. boardgames and stuff for example.

I think this could even be a bug.. but I am not sure so posting it here.

Basically if you have cards that have different backs there doesn't seam to be a way to have the different card backs in the DeckZone and still be able to see the different card backs in the viewer.

Basically I am trying to make a new plugin and add improvements to my Lord of the Rings Plugin. The new game and LoTR use double sided cards, as well as alternative decks which use different backs.  The double sided cards need to be able to have both sides viewable in the viewer, and the new game also needs all the cards different backs to be viewable in the deck zone.

I never noticed this before with my LoTR plugin as I just always had the command running and the deck zones used the default backs. Though it dose look a lot cooler to have the deck zones showing the correct backs, not having the double sided cards able to display in the viewer is terrible!

This is a command that seams to be the problem.


if you DO NOT place this in the plugininfo.txt the correct card backs will show up in the deck zones, BUT if you use ctrl+click to flip a card to its back, then in the viewer you can only see the default image for the card back, which is useless for double sided cards.

If I add that line, then you can flip the cards on the table and see both sides in the viewer but in the deck zone you can not see correct backs, as only the default backs show.....

Is there a way to have the correct backs to show in the deck zones, and the correct backs to show in the viewer at the same time?


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